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My passion for strength and health started at a young age while hanging out in my parents gym. My enthusiasm really ignited my freshmen year in high school while training for football. During this time I really began to fall in love with the barbell and studying training and nutrition. I continued my training and research and continued to enjoy steady the progress, until I reached my mid twenties. That is when I began to feel very broken down, and began suffering from "beat up weightlifter syndrome". Which anyone who has spent considerable time with the iron, can relate.

While the barbell was my first love I began to question the necessity of loading the joints with heavy external loads and wondering was it all really worth it and necessary? Even still my passion for training allowed me to continue, despite suffering from aches in nearly every one of my joints. As well as a low back that was constantly nagging and occasionally putting me totally laid up in bed. Something had to change!

Fortunately, after really struggling with my back for nearly a year I was lucky enough to meet Jon Hinds, the owner of Monkey Bar Gymnasium, in a fitness business conference. Immediately he began breaking down mis-alignments I was carrying in my body and began to fix them by giving me feedback on some Eichens Yoga poses. I immediately felt relief in my lower back that I had not felt with any conventional treatment. I was ecstatic to say the least! I knew I had to learn more about Jon and his Monkey Bar Gymnasium training system. I ended up enrolling in his Certified Natural Trainer course where you learn Eichens Yoga, natural training methods and the benefits of plant based nutrition. Here I learned just how hard and effective body weight training can be when done properly. Since the few years ago that I met Jon I have continued my education of body weight training, conditioning methods, yoga and plant based nutrition. Let me tell you, my body hasn't felt this good since I was a child!

My enthusiasm for training has never been higher and it is my goal to help those with similar stories, and those with just the interest and passion for true health and fitness, experience the benefits of a healthy pain free body and the joy of body weight training!

Yours in strength and health!


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