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The Bodyweight lifestyle is all about freedom and responsibility.  Freedom to train anywhere, anytime, how ever you would like.  To practice this wonderful art of physical expression and learn to train instinctively and not be a slave to a location or routine.  I want to change the way you look at fitness and health and give you the tools and knowledge needed to break free from the shackles of fatigue, physical dysfunction, drug dependency and obesity that has claimed 2/3rds of Americas population.  The time is now for you to act!  I wish you a good journey and am here to help and support you all the way!


Best of luck and good reppin!







Bodyweight Training is the oldest and most effective form of strength training.  It has a highly functional transferability towards other activities and sports due to enhanced proprioception, joint stabilization, strength, power and endurance that can be attained with proper bodyweight training.  Many Bodyweight Training experts including myself also believe that bodyweight training can heal the body due to its ability to enhance mobility, balancing the muscular and skeletal systems and enhancing joint stability.  This has been my experience with bodyweight training as well as many others! 


Eischens Yoga like bodyweight training has totally changed my life.  From constant joint pain including a lower back that was so painful and stiff that I couldn't even bend over far enough to get to the bathroom sink without pain.  This went on for years until I was fortunate enough to meet Jon Hinds and have my world turned upside down! 

A unique form of Yoga.  Eischens Yoga provides hands on feed back and emphasis on creating proper muscle actions needed to bring balance and alignment to the body. With proper instruction Eichens Yoga is effective for enhancing athletic ability, preventing injury and healing aches and pains in the body.

Plant Based Nutrition

For optimum performance and health you can't beat a plant based, nutrient dense diet!   We share most physiological characteristics with the herbivores in the animal kingdom. Such as alkaline blood and saliva, long intestines, flat teeth, lack of claws etc. If you follow a diet most most natural to our species you will easily achieve your natural optimal weight as well as gain energy and well being.  It's the easiest diet or eating style I have ever used and have felt the best with it.  Simple, effective, natural.  Eat when hungry, eat till satisfied, choose from strong plant based whole foods and let it all fall into place!  Simple, effective, natural.  With the aid of a plant based diet I saw my acne disappear, joints loosen, endurance increase, digestive system improved recovery enhanced. 

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