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Thursday, 06 February 2014 21:47

One way yoga can assist in losing bodyfat



What's up guys!


Today I wanted to discuss one way in which yoga can help with weight loss, among many other things.

So here is what happens.  You have muscular imbalances in your body caused by who knows what, accident, sports injury, overuse in sports or work. etc. and what happens is these imbalances will pull your skeletal structure and joints out of alignment along with your muscular system constantly fighting itself to stay upright.  This "stress" causes the body to release hormones such as cortisol.  Over time this could lead to weight gain or having trouble losing weight.  Along with the added damage that is happening to the body due to the mis-aligned joints and unbalanced muscular system will just continue to cause more stress to your body getting worse with age. 

When addressing the body you must strive to achieve "balance".  This is where regular old stretching drops the ball.  If one area is stretched you can be positive that it will have an effect in the functioning of the rest of the body.  Yoga addresses the body as a unit, so while your performing a pose and stretching chronic areas of tightness you are also strengthening areas of weakness and creating the oh so important "balance" that your body craves.  Creating the most balanced body that you can will leave you feeling ligher, more energetic and less "stressed".  So what are you waiting for?  Your journey of self discovery awaits and your body will thank you for your efforts!


Yours in health,




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