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Saturday, 08 February 2014 15:31

Gain energy through Eischens Yoga

"Gain energy through Eischens Yoga"


What's up guys!


Are you tired and fatigued with achy muscles?


Did you know you are literally wasting energy by carrying around mis-alignments and muscular imbalances in your body?


As we've discussed before mis-alignments in and muscular imbalances can be created many ways, accidents, overuse, daily activivtes etc..  One important thing to keep in mind also is that theses particular imbalances can change from day to day depending on the unique activities that you participate in that day. 


That being said, you can free up this energy for other uses by giving your body a little "tune up" at least once a day and even periodicaly in small doses throughout the day to maintain structural balance and integrity, peak energy levels and sense of well being all day.  Just like a car runs more efficient with a tune up, so do you!


Hit a few poses, take a few deep smooth breaths through the nose and your body/mind will thank you!


Yours in health,


If you want to get hands on instruction on how YOU can do this, then don't miss out on my up coming event "BREAIKNG FREE FROM PAIN and DYSFUNCTION". Just click on "workshops" above and check it out!





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