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Monday, 06 July 2015 19:23

Dynamic self resistance (DSR) for the rear delts, upper back and triceps!

Dynamic self resistance exercise (DSR) Verticle towel pulls with outer pressure


Roll up a towel and grab a few inches wider than shoulder width. Reach over head and apply outward pressure while simultaniously pulling behind the neck and then pressing up overhead.  Done in this fashion with outer pressure applied to the towel, you put great tension on the rear deltoids, triceps and upper back. Notice the action in the rear delts and if you were here to see, she is even shaking due to how much muscular tension she is able to generate! Self resisted exercises are every bit as powerful if not more so than weights! Plus you can do them ANYWHERE!  Perform these slowly maintaining high tension on the muscles working and being sure to breathe throughout the movement!  Do 5-10 reps for 1-3 sets.  DSR exercises are a great way to add another dimension and variety to your bodyweight workouts.  They will build an incredible amount of strength and power due to the high tension you can apply.  Experiment with putting this exercise right before or right after a set of squats or pushups for a strength building as well as cardiovascular and fat burning effect. 

Have a good workout!


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