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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 23:23

Nice full body 2 exercise combo! Pushups and Camel Pose

 Hey guys!


Hope all is going well with you and your training is going well!  A few weeks back I posted on facebook about a pushup and camel pose combo for a quick full body workout ( see original post below)  and promised to elaborate on proper execution to get all the benefits on the blog.  Sooo here it is! 

First you will perform your set of pushups with preferably high enough reps to get you winded a bit so that we will be getting strength, cardio and fat burning benefits.  If engaged properly a pushup is going to be working much more than just your chest, shoulders and triceps.  You will work your whole body as well as training proper alignment helping to keep your body balanced and healthy.

To properly perform the pushups begin in the incline plane position with the hands directly below your shoulders about shoulder width apart.  You will then work your palms evenly into the floor, pull the shouders down and away from the ears engaging the lats, slightly tuck the chin and hips creating a neutral spine squeezing your butt and bracing the abs as well as extending the legs straight.  Now we are engaged full body and working on our alighnment.

Take a deep breath and begin lowering yourself towards the ground slightly tuck the elbows so that they are facing behind you. Keep the body straight as possible and the shoulders pulled down away from the ears the whole time.  Get as close to the floor as possible, exhale and press up.  Repeat

After the pushups we are going open up the body the other direction and go directly into the camel pose while you are still breathing heavy. 

Start the camel pose by sitting on your knees reach back and grasp your heels.  Simultaniously while squeezing your butt and extending your thighs and pressing the hips forward, arch your back and pull your shoulder blades back squeezing your upper back and pressing the arms firmly into your heels.  You should feel a nice stretch across the chest and shoulders, down the torso and through the hips and thighs. Lay your head back at about shoulder height. You should be feeling the upper and lower back along with the butt and thighs working the whole time so be sure to stay engaged.  Hold this position breathing as deeply as possible matching your breaths to the reps completed on your pushups.  When finished be sure to come out of the pose slowly.

Go back to the pushups ASAP and complete as many rounds as desired.  

Give it a go and if you have any questions be sure to ask!

Good training!


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First time I've tried this combo and I really enjoyed it! I love 2 exercise combos that work the entire body, especially...

Posted by Bodyweight Lifestyle on Saturday, August 8, 2015

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