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Saturday, 17 October 2015 14:11

The "Power Wheel" vs. conventional ab exercises

"Is using the Power Wheel better than conventional ab exercises?"


Hey guys!

So this is a question I got the other day on one of my youtube videos.  I would say this.  There are a lot of good ab and core exercises out there but If by conventional ab exercises you are talking about sit ups and crunches then the power wheel is definitely better in my opinion for a few reasons.  Exercises like sit ups and crunches where you are flexing your spine are counterproductive to good posture.  With our modern lifestyle we tend to be stuck sitting in a flexed position as I am now while typing this and I will be when I leave in my car here shortly.  Exercises that flex the spine are going to make it even harder for you to stand up straight due to the shortening action of the muscles on the front of the torso.  You can of course do exercises that counter this (and you should every day regardless of your choice in ab exercises) but why make things more difficult?  With the power wheel you are strongly bracing with the abs while keeping a straight spine so you are actually contributing to better posture along with working strength and stability through the hips and shoulders.  You don't get that with a crunch!  Exercises like "rollouts" are great in that you also bring the chest and lats into play very strongly with the abs plus get a pretty good stretch.  Not to mention all the cool pushups and crawling exercises that work the abs like crazy along with other muscles that can be done on the power wheel.  The more muscles you can work at once the bigger impact on your results!  So as can see the power wheel is a great choice for both functional fitness and cosmetic training as well.  Pick yours up at the link below and if you have any questions let me know!

Good training!


Get your power wheel here!

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