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Wednesday, 02 March 2016 20:04

Dynamic Yoga Fitness Workshop!

Dynamic Yoga Fitness
“Training economy at its finest.”
With this workshop you will learn the 6 ranges of human movement and how to combine strength and mobility building bodyweight exercises and yoga poses and high intensity interval training (hiit) to get a great workout that builds all aspects of fitness in as little as 30 minutes!
*Open up and mobilize chronically tight area of the body helping to decrease or eliminate aches and pains.
*Build full body strength and mobility.
*Build muscle and sculpt your body with no equipment.
*Burn fat and increase fitness.
Who is this for?
Yogis that want to enhance their current yoga practice to build more muscle.
Mixed martial artists or strength athletes that want a way to condition and train that builds strength and endurance along with mobility for an injury resistant body.
Fitness enthusiasts that want to be able to do an efficient workout that will build strength, conditioning, and flexibility with no equipment needed.
Workshop will be approximately 3 hours and will be interactive so be ready to workout!
I am very passionate about this program and look forward to sharing it with you!
See ya there!
** Only $97 Call All N 1 Fitness 314-821-1144 and sign up today!**
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