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Friday, 06 January 2017 06:55

Outer Lunge With Twist

Outer Lunge with Twist




This is a nice full body mobility exercise that strengthens the hips, core, shoulders triceps and upper back. 

Start in the incline plane position and lunge your foot up and place it just outside your right hand.  Rotate your back foot so it is flat on the floor and pointing to the left.  Lift your left hand up towards the ceiling rotating the torso.  Look up to your top hand and reach long through the arms pressing the down palm firmly into the floor.  Shoulders should be pulled down and wide with elbow pits rotated facing your head.  Keep the back leg solid.  Inhale and return the left hand to the floor as you rotate the back foot back to center.  Exhale and now raise the right hand towards the ceiling, dropping the left hip towards the grounds and rotating onto the side of your back foot with toes now facing your right.  Look to the top hand, shoulders down and wide, solid down arm, solid back leg, elbow pits rotated towards your head.  Inhale as you return to the beginning and switch legs and repeat on the other side.  3-5 times through is good for mobility.   Perform for time or for higher reps to work strength and endurance. 


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