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Friday, 13 January 2017 17:51

Back Dome

Back Dome


My favorite!  This is the “deadlift” of yoga and bodyweight training.  I say this because you strengthen essentially the same muscles as the conventional barbell deadlift.  You strengthen the hips, legs, shoulders, arms and core as well and along the spine from your tailbone to the neck.  Great for full body flexibility and unlike barbell deadlifts that compress the spine, we are stretching and aligning the spine! 

To start pull your feet back near your butt and place your hands firmly on the floor in line with your ears about shoulder width apart.  Elbows towards the ceiling with fingers towards your feet and palms flat.  Take a deep breath and exhale as your drive with the hips and legs and push with your arms, squeezing the upper back and opening the chest and hips.  Be sure to squeeze the glutes the entire time and be sure that you are trying to distribute the arch evenly down your spine, not just at the lower back.  Hold for time.  30-60 seconds is a great start!  Be patient and eventually you’ll be able to hold for minutes at a time.  You can also do a “reverse pushup” where you press up and pause for a brief moment before returning to the floor and repeating for reps.  Both ways are great but holding for time will bring the fastest results in full body flexibility. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014 18:25

Straight leg back dome

What's up guys!

Just wanted to share this with you and update on the last workshop of 2014!  Since about February of this year I have been working on timed holds on various bridging exercises for anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes a day, generally about 4 minutes lateley for one continious set.  It has paid off very much in my range and mobility in the back dome as well as my shoulders, spine and hips and increased the strenth of my back as well.  Be sure to start out slow and don't over stay your welcome on exercises like the back dome or wrestlers bridges.  Your weak points will fail first and for many this is the low back and if you push past your limit here you may not feel so hot later.  Start slow, be consistant and train them daily but don't over do it and before long you will really begin to open up and your weak points will deminish and you will be able to push your sets a bit harder.  Have a great workout and I'll be seeing some of you this weekend at the last workshop of 2014 "BREAKING FREE FROM PAIN AND DYSFUNTION EISCHENS YOGA AND MOBILITY WORKSHOP" this Saturday November 1st!  Check out the details here!




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