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Saturday, 28 January 2017 11:44

My Story.....this was hard to post



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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 14:49

Pull ups - Muscles impacted by different grips


Use these tips to change up your pull up workout!


Good training!



Friday, 06 January 2017 06:55

Outer Lunge With Twist

Outer Lunge with Twist




This is a nice full body mobility exercise that strengthens the hips, core, shoulders triceps and upper back. 

Start in the incline plane position and lunge your foot up and place it just outside your right hand.  Rotate your back foot so it is flat on the floor and pointing to the left.  Lift your left hand up towards the ceiling rotating the torso.  Look up to your top hand and reach long through the arms pressing the down palm firmly into the floor.  Shoulders should be pulled down and wide with elbow pits rotated facing your head.  Keep the back leg solid.  Inhale and return the left hand to the floor as you rotate the back foot back to center.  Exhale and now raise the right hand towards the ceiling, dropping the left hip towards the grounds and rotating onto the side of your back foot with toes now facing your right.  Look to the top hand, shoulders down and wide, solid down arm, solid back leg, elbow pits rotated towards your head.  Inhale as you return to the beginning and switch legs and repeat on the other side.  3-5 times through is good for mobility.   Perform for time or for higher reps to work strength and endurance. 


Monday, 10 October 2016 18:17

Live interview with "Black Bar Fitness"

What's up guys!  This is a live taping of an interview I did with Drew Walker of Black Bar Fitness on October 9th 2016.  We discussed plant based nutrition, benefits of yoga and what's the most important aspect of fitness to work on as we age.  Enjoy!





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Here is a unique way to hit the biceps when with no equipment needed.  Just be easy and don't take your hands out to far the first time.  Lots of tension on the biceps and elbows so be careful!

Good training!



Hello and welcome fellow health and fitness explorers!

Today I want to let you in on one secret to enhancing cardiovascular fitness, fat loss, muscle growth and longevity. That "secret" is high intenstiy interval training, a.k.a HIIT.

Training in this manner for as little as 10-20 minutes will enhance your cardioresperatory fitness faster and in less time than performing slow, long distance type cardio such as jogging for 45 min or longer. You will also get a nice boost of growth hormone in response to the HIIT. Growth hormone is the youth hormone and keeping growth hormone levels high in your body will help keep you looking and feeling young as well as help burn fat and build muscle.

For HIIT to work for you you must be working at a high enough intensity to elevate your heart rate to close to 90% of your estimated maximum for 10-60 seconds and then resting or working at a low enough intensity to recover to about 65% of your max HR before repeating.

HIIT also increases excess post exercise oxygen comsumption a.k.a. EPOC. EPOC is essentially an elevation of your metabolism folowing exercise. More EPOC = more calories total calories burned.

To estimate your maximum heart rate you simply take 220-your age. To get your estimated 90% max heart rate you then multiply by .9.

For example 220-32 = 188 x .9 = 169

so our estimated 90% of max HR for our example is 169 beats per minute.

"Don't just bang nails, build a house!"

There are lots of ways to get the heart rate up, running, biking, sex, waking up with a spider on your chest, but if you are wanting to build functional muscle and sculpt your body then my prefered method of training is to apply HIIT to specific strength training exercises. Doing so allows you to both build and sculpt your body as well as train the cardiovascular system and burn fat.

There are a variety of ways to do this, here is one example of a combination of strength exercises that I may use for part of one of my workouts.



Clapping pushups

x 15,12,10,8

Repeat 4 rounds going immediatly from the pull ups to the clapping push ups before resting breifly and repeating.

Just this combo alone will be stimulating to your muscles and metabolism,  add a few more and repeat 3-6 x's a week and you will be burning fat and sculpting muscle like nobody's business!


Good training!




*Advanced calisthenic move*
"Reverse push ups done on toes with feet under hips"
This is an advanced exercise that for most should not be attempted without proper preperation and training first. This exercise will work your entire body stretching, strengthening, and if done for enough reps or with enough intensity also your cardio. How many exercises can do that? It really fries the quads when ...done on the toes like this!

I will be covering this execise plus more in the newly added components of my workshop "BREAKING FREE FROM PAIN AND DYSFUNCTION EISCHENS YOGA AND MOBILITY WORKSHOP"
I will introduce you to ways in which you can bridge your yoga practice into your strength and conditioning practice for maximum benefits in minimal time.

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Yours in health,




What's up guys!

Thought I would share my workout from today with you as well!


Looking for some strong muscle contractions today and sucking some wind!

Eichens Yoga warm up


double jump ropes 3 x 50 (just started working on building up single set reps, usually I do 5 to 10 sets of 20 mixed with handstand walking)


pistol squats

3x10,8,6 alternating until finished



one arm lever push up (using med ball)

one arm body row (on jungle gym)

superset 5 x 10.8.6,4,2


jump rope x50 to the front alternating legs then 50 to the back counts as one set

power wheel crawl 20 yds

superset 5 rounds keeping a quick pace


reverse grip pull up x 5 (to chest arching back and flexing the legs back, basically contracting the whole back side looking for a good squeeze)

back dome x 10 breathes

boat pose x 15 breathes

5 rounds


finished with 1 set each of

reverse leg raise with yoga block between feet x 20

reverse crunch x 20 hands on back of head pulling elbows back each rep

lying leg raise x 20 with yoga block between feet (focusing on pressing spine flat entire time and maintaining equal contact on block with feet and ankle

standing trunk rotation with yoga blocks between feet and knees x 50 each way


Felt good!  Just what the doctor ordered today, basically sub max effort focusing on strong contractions and form.  Tomorrow I will probably crank up the volume and get more of a PUMP!


Good Reppin!










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