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Perform the wall sit in this manner and you will work your legs, calves, tighten your midsection, improve your posture and strengthen your upper back!  I learned this style of wall sit from Matt Furey and definitely recommend his materials!  Long holds don't just train endurance, they will make you stronger and build muscle size as well.  Enjoy the burn!

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 20:55

Single leg reverse tables

Harder variation of the reverse table using just one leg.   Works the upper back, lower back, butt, hamstring shoulders and triceps. 


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Wednesday, 21 October 2015 03:58

Knee to Elbows on the Power Wheel

What's up guys!

The power wheel knee to elbow is a nice exercise that will build strength and stability through the core, hips and shoulders.  Not only are we working the abs very strongly but the entire body head to toe is engaged. The hips, thighs, shoulders and triceps get a pretty good workout as well as the heart and lungs you'll see as you get stronger and can perform a decent amount of reps.  20 reps non stop with perfect form is a good goal to start with.  Check out the video below for instruction and if you've got any questions let me know!

Get your power wheel here!

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"Is using the Power Wheel better than conventional ab exercises?"


Hey guys!

So this is a question I got the other day on one of my youtube videos.  I would say this.  There are a lot of good ab and core exercises out there but If by conventional ab exercises you are talking about sit ups and crunches then the power wheel is definitely better in my opinion for a few reasons.  Exercises like sit ups and crunches where you are flexing your spine are counterproductive to good posture.  With our modern lifestyle we tend to be stuck sitting in a flexed position as I am now while typing this and I will be when I leave in my car here shortly.  Exercises that flex the spine are going to make it even harder for you to stand up straight due to the shortening action of the muscles on the front of the torso.  You can of course do exercises that counter this (and you should every day regardless of your choice in ab exercises) but why make things more difficult?  With the power wheel you are strongly bracing with the abs while keeping a straight spine so you are actually contributing to better posture along with working strength and stability through the hips and shoulders.  You don't get that with a crunch!  Exercises like "rollouts" are great in that you also bring the chest and lats into play very strongly with the abs plus get a pretty good stretch.  Not to mention all the cool pushups and crawling exercises that work the abs like crazy along with other muscles that can be done on the power wheel.  The more muscles you can work at once the bigger impact on your results!  So as can see the power wheel is a great choice for both functional fitness and cosmetic training as well.  Pick yours up at the link below and if you have any questions let me know!

Good training!


Get your power wheel here!

 Hey guys!


Hope all is going well with you and your training is going well!  A few weeks back I posted on facebook about a pushup and camel pose combo for a quick full body workout ( see original post below)  and promised to elaborate on proper execution to get all the benefits on the blog.  Sooo here it is! 

First you will perform your set of pushups with preferably high enough reps to get you winded a bit so that we will be getting strength, cardio and fat burning benefits.  If engaged properly a pushup is going to be working much more than just your chest, shoulders and triceps.  You will work your whole body as well as training proper alignment helping to keep your body balanced and healthy.

To properly perform the pushups begin in the incline plane position with the hands directly below your shoulders about shoulder width apart.  You will then work your palms evenly into the floor, pull the shouders down and away from the ears engaging the lats, slightly tuck the chin and hips creating a neutral spine squeezing your butt and bracing the abs as well as extending the legs straight.  Now we are engaged full body and working on our alighnment.

Take a deep breath and begin lowering yourself towards the ground slightly tuck the elbows so that they are facing behind you. Keep the body straight as possible and the shoulders pulled down away from the ears the whole time.  Get as close to the floor as possible, exhale and press up.  Repeat

After the pushups we are going open up the body the other direction and go directly into the camel pose while you are still breathing heavy. 

Start the camel pose by sitting on your knees reach back and grasp your heels.  Simultaniously while squeezing your butt and extending your thighs and pressing the hips forward, arch your back and pull your shoulder blades back squeezing your upper back and pressing the arms firmly into your heels.  You should feel a nice stretch across the chest and shoulders, down the torso and through the hips and thighs. Lay your head back at about shoulder height. You should be feeling the upper and lower back along with the butt and thighs working the whole time so be sure to stay engaged.  Hold this position breathing as deeply as possible matching your breaths to the reps completed on your pushups.  When finished be sure to come out of the pose slowly.

Go back to the pushups ASAP and complete as many rounds as desired.  

Give it a go and if you have any questions be sure to ask!

Good training!



What's up guys!

Thought I would share my workout from today with you as well!


Looking for some strong muscle contractions today and sucking some wind!

Eichens Yoga warm up


double jump ropes 3 x 50 (just started working on building up single set reps, usually I do 5 to 10 sets of 20 mixed with handstand walking)


pistol squats

3x10,8,6 alternating until finished



one arm lever push up (using med ball)

one arm body row (on jungle gym)

superset 5 x 10.8.6,4,2


jump rope x50 to the front alternating legs then 50 to the back counts as one set

power wheel crawl 20 yds

superset 5 rounds keeping a quick pace


reverse grip pull up x 5 (to chest arching back and flexing the legs back, basically contracting the whole back side looking for a good squeeze)

back dome x 10 breathes

boat pose x 15 breathes

5 rounds


finished with 1 set each of

reverse leg raise with yoga block between feet x 20

reverse crunch x 20 hands on back of head pulling elbows back each rep

lying leg raise x 20 with yoga block between feet (focusing on pressing spine flat entire time and maintaining equal contact on block with feet and ankle

standing trunk rotation with yoga blocks between feet and knees x 50 each way


Felt good!  Just what the doctor ordered today, basically sub max effort focusing on strong contractions and form.  Tomorrow I will probably crank up the volume and get more of a PUMP!


Good Reppin!










Living the Bodyweight Lifestyle...  Indoors!


What's up guys!!


Most days I like to train outside.  Sometimes though I'm not in the mood or don't have time do deal with prepping myself to deal with the cold or rain.  Heat is never a problem haha!  This is a pretty nice workout that can be performed with an indoor pull up bar, a chair and the floor!


Warm up

15 min of Eischens Yoga (I do this almost before every workout and every day to optimally align the body and wake up sleepy muscles to be prepared to work as well as enhance performance and decrease the risk of injury.  I have found nothing better for this than the Eischens Yoga.  I really don't even like to train without spending atleat 15 min on it before.)

MetCon Bodybuilding Workout

100 squats done with varying foot placement


5 sets x 20,15,12,10,8 resting give or take 60 sec between rounds

Reverse grip pull up

bench dips (done off chair)

Push ups


5 sets back to back with little rest

squats x20

parallel grip pull ups to chest x 5


3x 10,8,6

power wheel rollouts

back dome push ups


1 set each

reverse leg raise x 20

reverse crunch x 20

standing trunk rotations x 50 each way


Give it a go some time and lemme know what you think!  Adjust reps accordingly for your fitness level and if you have any questions lemme know!!!


Good Reppin!



Friday, 06 December 2013 23:30

Alkalize and Oxygenate Your Body

*Nobel prize winner Dr. Warburg*

In his work The Metabolism of Tumors Warburg demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Lack of oxygen and acidosis are two sides of the same coin: where you have one, you have the other.” "All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live ...without oxygen - a rule without exception. Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous."

*According to statistics 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer.  

*Eating excessive amounts of animal products and processed foods assists in creating an acidic environment in the body.  
*Sitting at a desk all day breathing shallow and not moving your body to circulate nutrient and oxygen rich blood will also contribute to an acidic and overall sick state of the body.

"Movement is medicine"

"Breathing is life"

*Utilizing a plant based diet will assist the body in achieving an alkaline state. 
*Daily exercise with a variety of movements and with focus on breathing deeply will help to supply oxygen throughout the body.  Focusing on Smooth deep breathes through the nose during your regular daily activities or work will help oxygenate as well as reduce stress levels.  

We must stop living with blinders on and open our eyes to the reality of our current condition. 

Cave men may have eaten a lot of meat but they also ate any plant foods they could find as well. Some ancient peoples derived as much as 40 percent of their calories from honey! For them it was all about short term survival, they didn't live a long life and all they needed was a dense source of calories that would keep them alive till the next day when they would hopefully find a mate and be able to reproduce. 

You are probably not going to get eaten by a bear tomorrow and the threat of dying from physical injury is the lowest it has ever been.

The question now is that during your hopefully longer life than your ancestors are you going to thrive or just simply survive and get by?

Are you going to just coast through and put your livelihood in the hands of others?  Others who are very likely to make a profit due to your lack of knowledge of the truth?

Will you take responsibility for your health as well as make it a point to set an example for your children by living a healthy active lifestyle and trying to get the most of your life on this planet?  

I know my answer and I hope it's the same as yours.

Statistically today's youth are not expected to live as long as their parents.  I am confident that we can step up to the plate and face this issue head on and inspire others to do the same.

I don't believe the reason people are getting sick and suffering and dying from diseases like cancer is because we haven't ran enough 5 K's to raise money for research groups trying to come up with the latest drug. 

I feel money and time would be more well spent on awareness campaigns that would give people the knowledge to empower themselves. 

The responsibility is ours and we must be proactive and take responsibility for our health and well being now!

With this message I wish to challenge you to open your eyes and do a little research on your own.  Make a decision for yourself and do what needs to be done to make yourself healthier and more prosperous and to set an example for the next generation so that they can be even better!

"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."

Yours in health, 


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