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Thursday, 30 October 2014 18:25

Straight leg back dome

What's up guys!

Just wanted to share this with you and update on the last workshop of 2014!  Since about February of this year I have been working on timed holds on various bridging exercises for anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes a day, generally about 4 minutes lateley for one continious set.  It has paid off very much in my range and mobility in the back dome as well as my shoulders, spine and hips and increased the strenth of my back as well.  Be sure to start out slow and don't over stay your welcome on exercises like the back dome or wrestlers bridges.  Your weak points will fail first and for many this is the low back and if you push past your limit here you may not feel so hot later.  Start slow, be consistant and train them daily but don't over do it and before long you will really begin to open up and your weak points will deminish and you will be able to push your sets a bit harder.  Have a great workout and I'll be seeing some of you this weekend at the last workshop of 2014 "BREAKING FREE FROM PAIN AND DYSFUNTION EISCHENS YOGA AND MOBILITY WORKSHOP" this Saturday November 1st!  Check out the details here!




Wednesday, 05 March 2014 03:44



Ever heard of it? I suffered from it and don't know anyone in the iron game who hasn't. It's the slow accumulation of muscular imbalances, improper movement patterns, joint irritation and the aches and pains that come along with it.

But, it doesn't have to be that way!

Check out this testamonial from a client/friend/training partner of mine.
Brock trains hard and is really great to train with!

I'm writing this to thank Joe for his desire to help people.
A quick little background on myself...My name is Brock Roberts. I am a 37 year old male that has been in and out of the gym since high school. I have always had to stay in pretty good shape for my profession. I'm an actor/model working in the Midwest and my old workout routine was the normal pumping iron till it hurt method. No pain, no gain was my mindset. I always worked through the pain in my back, shoulders and various other body parts due to (what I thought) old injuries from sports, motorcycle accidents and other juvenile adventures. I also kept hitting plateaus and could not seem to get the body I desired but didn't know any other way except to work harder and heavier and my body became uneven and the aches and pains were the norm. Sound familiar?

I met Joe at the gym I was working out at and he would see me walking around in pain. He asked if I would be interested in training with him to possible ease the pain and even out my physique. I was hesitant for a couple months thinking I would make one more hard push myself to get where I wanted to be. Fast forward those months and I was pretty much in the same shape and in even more pain. I finally said, "I need a change". I was tired of fighting the pain and lack of gains and thought I didn't have anything to lose so I put my trust in Joe.

Joe started me off of some beginner Yoga positions. To be honest, I felt a bit uneasy at first because I had never done it before and thought yoga was b.s. After the yoga lesson he took me to these straps connected to a chin-up bar and showed me different pushes and pulls using my own body weight. I was use to pushing heavy weight and thought this would be a cake walk...wrong. Joe explained to me the different exercises were to get the body symmetrical. Every push needed to be backed by a pull and every pull backed by a push. Then he brought out his wheel for abs and we destroyed those. And finally we did some legs. Jump squats and lunges and finished with jump rope. I was spent all on my own body weight. Quite different than what I'd been use to. Each session he would have me doing different exercised hitting my whole body.

The first two weeks I wasn't 100% sold on his method but I wanted to give it all I could for a month. If I didn't see or feel results I was going back to what I knew, pain and suffering. After those first two weeks I started to notice I wasn't in as much pain and my body was changing only doing his method 3x a week! I didn't change any of my habits just my workout routine. I realized the pain I had been in wasn't all from previous bodily harm, it was partially from lifting weights which made my old injuries worse. And the yoga I thought was silly was actually helping my body put itself in alignment. My body was changing without the pain I usually had after working out with weights. I can't wait to see where I'll be in 6 months.

If you are tired of the same old workout and spending hours in the gym, tired of being in pain and tired of being disappointed with the way your body looks have Joe get you where you want to be.

I'm an extremely busy guy. I'm married with 3 boys. I coach baseball and soccer and run my own business so I don't have a lot of time throughout the week to spend working out. Joe's method can be done anywhere. At the gym your at now, at a playground or at our own home. Give Joe a shot. It has definitely changed the way I look and feel. I wish I would have started his system years ago.

Brock Roberts, Actor

If you can relate then I'd be happy to help. Contact me personally if you are interested in working one on one or check out one of my upcoming events!

Yours in health,
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Saturday, 08 February 2014 15:31

Gain energy through Eischens Yoga

"Gain energy through Eischens Yoga"


What's up guys!


Are you tired and fatigued with achy muscles?


Did you know you are literally wasting energy by carrying around mis-alignments and muscular imbalances in your body?


As we've discussed before mis-alignments in and muscular imbalances can be created many ways, accidents, overuse, daily activivtes etc..  One important thing to keep in mind also is that theses particular imbalances can change from day to day depending on the unique activities that you participate in that day. 


That being said, you can free up this energy for other uses by giving your body a little "tune up" at least once a day and even periodicaly in small doses throughout the day to maintain structural balance and integrity, peak energy levels and sense of well being all day.  Just like a car runs more efficient with a tune up, so do you!


Hit a few poses, take a few deep smooth breaths through the nose and your body/mind will thank you!


Yours in health,


If you want to get hands on instruction on how YOU can do this, then don't miss out on my up coming event "BREAIKNG FREE FROM PAIN and DYSFUNCTION". Just click on "workshops" above and check it out!





Thursday, 06 February 2014 21:47

One way yoga can assist in losing bodyfat



What's up guys!


Today I wanted to discuss one way in which yoga can help with weight loss, among many other things.

So here is what happens.  You have muscular imbalances in your body caused by who knows what, accident, sports injury, overuse in sports or work. etc. and what happens is these imbalances will pull your skeletal structure and joints out of alignment along with your muscular system constantly fighting itself to stay upright.  This "stress" causes the body to release hormones such as cortisol.  Over time this could lead to weight gain or having trouble losing weight.  Along with the added damage that is happening to the body due to the mis-aligned joints and unbalanced muscular system will just continue to cause more stress to your body getting worse with age. 

When addressing the body you must strive to achieve "balance".  This is where regular old stretching drops the ball.  If one area is stretched you can be positive that it will have an effect in the functioning of the rest of the body.  Yoga addresses the body as a unit, so while your performing a pose and stretching chronic areas of tightness you are also strengthening areas of weakness and creating the oh so important "balance" that your body craves.  Creating the most balanced body that you can will leave you feeling ligher, more energetic and less "stressed".  So what are you waiting for?  Your journey of self discovery awaits and your body will thank you for your efforts!


Yours in health,




If you are in the St. Louis are March 15th be sure to check out my workshop "BREAKING FREE FROM PAIN AND DYSFUNCTION".  I will teach you all about how to get started in your practice or if you have some experience in yoga, give you some new concepts to work with. Check it out! Just click on workshops above!




Living the Bodyweight Lifestyle...  Indoors!


What's up guys!!


Most days I like to train outside.  Sometimes though I'm not in the mood or don't have time do deal with prepping myself to deal with the cold or rain.  Heat is never a problem haha!  This is a pretty nice workout that can be performed with an indoor pull up bar, a chair and the floor!


Warm up

15 min of Eischens Yoga (I do this almost before every workout and every day to optimally align the body and wake up sleepy muscles to be prepared to work as well as enhance performance and decrease the risk of injury.  I have found nothing better for this than the Eischens Yoga.  I really don't even like to train without spending atleat 15 min on it before.)

MetCon Bodybuilding Workout

100 squats done with varying foot placement


5 sets x 20,15,12,10,8 resting give or take 60 sec between rounds

Reverse grip pull up

bench dips (done off chair)

Push ups


5 sets back to back with little rest

squats x20

parallel grip pull ups to chest x 5


3x 10,8,6

power wheel rollouts

back dome push ups


1 set each

reverse leg raise x 20

reverse crunch x 20

standing trunk rotations x 50 each way


Give it a go some time and lemme know what you think!  Adjust reps accordingly for your fitness level and if you have any questions lemme know!!!


Good Reppin!



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