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Perform the wall sit in this manner and you will work your legs, calves, tighten your midsection, improve your posture and strengthen your upper back!  I learned this style of wall sit from Matt Furey and definitely recommend his materials!  Long holds don't just train endurance, they will make you stronger and build muscle size as well.  Enjoy the burn!

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Rib cage expansion was something that bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts of years gone by used to make a part of their programs to enhance their chest or bust size as well as improved health.    Other than the deep breathing involved in the training, which is good for detoxing, oxygenating the body and reducing stress, the stretching and expansion of the rib cage allows for easier and deeper breathing throughout the day or during other exercises or athletic activities.  Due to our modern lifestyle, many people have tight rib cages and forward rounded shoulders.  The spend their day breathing shallow and more than likely through the mouth.  This results in actually contributing to stress and anxiety in the body and mind as well as poor release of toxins since respiration is one of the main ways that we cleanse and detox our body.  Try this combo and open up the body and BREATHE!  Your body and mind will thank you!

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