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Saturday, 28 January 2017 11:44

My Story.....this was hard to post

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 14:49

Pull ups - Muscles impacted by different grips

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Use these tips to change up your pull up workout!


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Friday, 09 December 2016 05:21


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Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. This is essentially an elevation of your metabolism after exercise and can continue for up to 48 hours. This is also known as the "after burn" BUT you must train intensely enough to stimulate it. Around 90% of your maximum heart rate. If you are walking or jogging to get in shape that is fine and good but once you are finished training, your metabolism returns to baseline. Sprints would be better if you are able to d...o that. Even better would be to follow a holistic training approach such as the one I've created which incorporates Yoga and Calisthenics in a way that you will stimulate EPOC along with building strength and flexibility simultaneously. It's been said that "you're only as old as your joints" and "If you don't use it, you lose it". If you don't work to maintain your strength and mobility it will diminish. It's not getting older that causes so many problems that people suffer from as they age, disuse. You can maintain high mobility as you age and you can regain much of what you've lost it you are persistent.
I've been working on this program for years to work out the details so that it provides the most bang for your time investment.

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