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If you want to learn how to incorporate the power of yoga into your daily routine or learn something new to set yourself apart as a personal trainer and help your clients, then this workshop is for you!

This is a special workhshop combining two of my previous workshops, "Breaking Free From Pain and Dysfunction" yoga for alignment, joint stability and pain relief and "Dynamic Yoga Fitness" yoga for building strength and conditioning. We will also discuss the benefits of a plant based diet and take time for QnA.
You will be provided print outs of all materials discussed.

What you will be learning has helped me to heal my back pain among other things as well as the pains of my clients and set me appart the average trainer creating new income opportunities.

First half of the workshop will be on
"Breaking Free From Pain and Dysfunction"
I suffered with pain for years before learning what I am going to teach you.

Learn how muscular imbalances and immobility turn your body into a prison of pain and dysfunction, affecting your daily life, well-being, happiness, athletic performance and learn the steps you can take to free yourself and prevent the prison of pain from happening to you.

(Don’t worry, no pretzel poses!)
Along with other tips, you will learn an Eischens Yoga sequence that is based on simple poses with precise alignment, muscle actions and hands on feedback, which is key and unique to Eischens yoga. This sequence of poses will help balance and align your entire body to relieve tension, pain and dysfunction. Allow yourself to feel better, live better and athletically perform better and more efficient.

Do you suffer from shoulder pain from work? Knee pain when running? Back pain while playing with your kids?
This workshop is for YOU and anyone that ever wanted to learn how to relieve pain and tension in their body through the power of yoga, young and old.

Part 2 of the workshop will cover
"Dynamci Yoga Fitness"

“Training economy at its finest.”

With this workshop you will learn the 6 ranges of human movement and how to combine strength and mobility building bodyweight exercises and yoga poses and high intensity interval training (hiit) to get a great workout that builds all aspects of fitness in as little as 30 minutes!

*Open up and mobilize chronically tight area of the body helping to decrease or eliminate aches and pains.
*Build full body strength and mobility.
*Build muscle and sculpt your body with no equipent.
*Burn fat and increase fitness.

Who is this for?

Yogis that want to enhance their current yoga practice to build more muscle.

Mixed martial artists or strength athletes that want a way to condition and train that builds strength and endurance along with mobilty for an injury resistant body.

Fitness enthusiasts that want to be able to do an efficient workout that will build strength, conditioning, and flexibility with no equipment needed.

Workshop will be approximately 4 hours and will be interactive so be ready to workout!

I am very passionate about this program and look forward to sharing it with you!
Workshop will be held in the St. Louis MO area, please sign up by going to the paypal link below!

See ya there!




Monday, 10 October 2016 18:17

Live interview with "Black Bar Fitness"

Written by

What's up guys!  This is a live taping of an interview I did with Drew Walker of Black Bar Fitness on October 9th 2016.  We discussed plant based nutrition, benefits of yoga and what's the most important aspect of fitness to work on as we age.  Enjoy!





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Watch this video to learn about how Arnold Schwarzenegger might perform calisthenics and yoga using his chest building tips! 


Good training!




If you are ready to dive in and try something you've maybe never done before, then apply for my next 21 day rapid transformation challenge at the link below! 

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 08:44

What's in a pushup?

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Hey hey!

Hope all is well with you and your training is going well!  Today I want to take a closer look at the pushup and show that it is much more than just an exercise to strengthen the chest, shoulders and triceps. 

Pushups are one of my favorite exercises and I do them almost every day during my Dynamic Yoga Fitness routine.  When done properly the pushup becomes a yoga pose, an ab exercise, a cardio exercise, an alignment and posture exercise and even helps to balance out and strengthen the hands and forearms.  With the right engagement and knowledge or alignment, many exercises can be used alone or with only one or two others to balance the muscles of the body and enhance posture and well being.

A pushup is a plank, except you are moving your arms. 

Get into the "incline plane" with hands slightly wider and slightly behind the shoulders. Spread your fingers out and work every finger and knuckle into the floor.  Lock the legs, tuck your hips and squeeze your glutes.  Brace the abs and  pull your shoulders down from the ears keeping the shoulder blades flat and wide activating the lats and tuck your chin making a straight line from the heels to the crown or your head. 

Now we are engaged from head to toe.  Working the legs isometrically and using the abs in one of the more important functions which is to stabilize the spine and engaging the upper back muscles to stabilize the shoulder girdle.  We are lengthening or extending through the body helping to decompress the spine and bring alignment and good posture.

Maintain all these points and take a deep breath in.  Lower yourself nearly to the floor or as far as you are currently able to maintaining all points discussed above.  No shoulder shrugging or head dropping.  Exhale and keep the abs braced as you press up using the muscles of the shoulders, chest and arms.  Inhale and repeat.  Repeat until fatigue or you are unable to maintain the points we've discussed. 

If you just tried this, you can see that engaging the entire body makes the pushup much more intense and effective and should get the heart and lungs going pretty good providing you worked hard enough.  The more muscles you can engage in a move, the better.  It will build full body strength and stability and help to connect the body as a unit making your stronger and more injury resistant.

What other exercises could you get more benefit from by more fully engaging the body? 

Check out my new book "Dynamic Yoga Fitness" and learn to balance the body while building strength, endurance and flexibility!


Good training!



Get your copy here!





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